I consider working with a client primarily as an encounter of two people. Therefore, I also emphasize a pleasant home environment. You can read more about how I work below. The ideal format is one 60-minute session once a week . Be prepared, however, that this one hour a week is not the only thing that you’d need to invest. If you really want to make a difference, you’ll need to invest more of your time and effort between our meetings. You will need time for yourself, for thinking, for implementing the changes you choose, and sometimes I provide my clients also with “homework”. But this is the kind of investment that always pays off.

How I work

I strongly believe that it is necessary to respect each person’s individual world, and if I get the honor of being invited to ones’ world as a guide and advisor, I want to tiptoe through its environment and I definitely do not intend to change it to my own image. I also regularly attend supervisions to ensure I’m not doing that. Every man’s inner world is sacred to me. This also applies to the internal world of participants of seminars and workshops I lead – whether for the public or for companies.

Like Carl Ransom Rogers, the founder of humanistic psychotherapy, I fundamentally believe that the key thing that helps a person find his hidden inner resources and motivation to achieve the best possible version of himself – self-actualization – is an encounter with another person. Rogers has demonstrated with scientific approach that in order for client to benefit for such an encounter, the psychotherapist or counselor (he was using both terms) must meet three basic criteria – to offer unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence, to be authentic, be oneself, and at the same time to be capable of acting according to one’s feelings and physical experiences.

But I believe that in some life situations, a little more is needed. That is why I have also made great effort to learn about numerous other psychotherapeutic approaches as well as the psychological theory.


The price for a single 60-minute session is CZK 2,400 . The session can also take place via Skype.

In case you need to apologize from the session, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance. If the client does not apologize properly, he is obliged to pay for the session.

How to make an appointment

You can make an appointment either by sending an e-mail to or by phone at +420 602 630 155. I usually respond to emails and text messages within 48 hours. Unfortunately, I can’t receive phone calls most of the day.

I have more than 14 days after 3rd dose of Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Important notice: Currently, I accept new clients on waitinglist for 2022. Current and past clients have priority while waiting for the appointment.

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