I accept new clients to my waiting list with estimated time for first session in June/July 2022. The waiting list will be opened just for a limited amount of time. Past clients can of course return to the therapy if they need to.

Do you need help in your company with impact of war in Ukraine on their mental health? Please, contact my company.

My name is Martin Zikmund, throughout my life I walked through a varied path, which eventually led me to person-centered approach (PCA). I work individually with adult clients, often those who did not have an ideal childhood, who experience problems with self-confidence and self-acceptance in their lives, face psychosomatic problems and something inside prevents them from becoming themselves.

I also perform trainings for companies in the field of stress management, happiness at work, communication and everything related to gaining a happier life. I also regulalrly publish articles, podcasts like 13 Sins of Parenting and focus on the #SexQnAs project targeted on education in the field of sexuality or the How to Survive Cancer project for oncological patients.

In short, I try to help people find their own way to a happier and healthier life.

What do I do

I do counselling, ‘psychotherapy for ‘healthy’ people’, as I call it. My work is based on a person-centered approach (PCA), Rogerian psychotherapy if you want, in which I attended 668 hours of training at Diakonie CČE. You can find out more about my private counseling practice here.

I have a business that helps companies with satisfaction and happines of their people. We achieve this through workshops, training and individual work with employees. Find out more about the company and our philosophy here. Currently, within the #koronahelp program, we mainly focus on addressing specifics of the coronavirus crisis and training in mental health care for employees, mainly in multinational companies.

I also devote a great deal of effort to the newly emerging educational project #SexQnAs, which aims to de-taboo sexuality and help people achieve healthy and free sexuality and communication about sex with their partner.

I also started a project to help cancer patients How to Survive Cancer. Its primary goal is to become a guide for all cancer patients to helpe them improve their lives throughout this fundamental and difficult life experience. You can learn more about the project here (Czech only).

Because I enjoy writing, and because I believe a word is really stronger than a sword, I try to help people perform important changes in their lives also through my articles. Since 2015 I write blog Ječasnazměnu.cz, which is visited by about 60,000 people every year. In addition, I was writing regularly for the Czech version of Marianne magazine for past three years, and you could also meet my articles on the pages of the journals Psychologie.cz or Psychologie Dnes.

And last but not least, I regularly attend or organize lectures, workshops, or meditation meetings for the public. You can find an overview of upcoming public events directly on the blog.

And because one does not live only by work, I spend my free time traveling, walking in nature, reading books (although I admit that mostly treatises), dancing, listening to music, meditation, floristics and spending time with my loved ones.